About Kids Kart Club 

About the Club

Kids Kart Club is a non-profit club organized by Mr. Pete Kardong.  It is intended for kids age 7-17 who have an interest in building and racing go-karts.  At this club the kids actually build their own vehicle along with a supervising adult and then race them through out the summer.  The club puts a strong emphasis on doing well and staying in school. 

Our Mission Statement

Kids Kart Club's mission is to keep kids in school by providing an exciting and interesting alternative to drugs, gangs, and other negative social pressures.  This alternative is the assembly, maintenance and racing of motorized go-karts.  Keeping kids in school by providing hands-on mechanical training, teamwork, task accomplishment, job satisfaction, competition, sportsmanship, and recreation is the primary goal of Kids Kart Club.

The Building Process

The club builds two types of vehicles, Go-Karts and Micro-Sprints.  These vehicles were designed by Mr. Kardong and are all built off the same jig.
    The go-karts are powered by a gas fueled, 5 h.p., 4-cycle Briggs and Stratton engine.  They have a racing seat, multiple point seat restraint, live axle, drum brakes, and specified gearing.
    The micro-sprints are intended for kids well advanced in racing go-karts or at least thirteen years of age.  They are powered by a gas fueled, 9 h.p., Briggs & Stratton Animal racing engine.  They have a racing seat, multiple point seat restraint, live axle, drum brakes, a quick disconnect steering wheel, adjustable shock absorber front suspension, and jack-shaft style gearing. These vehicles begin to give kids first hand experience at setting up a race vehicle.

How To Join

 Any kid interested in joining Kids Kart Club must come to the club's shop at 333 Cecil St. in Neenah, along with a parent/guardian and put their name on the list for building a vehicle.  THIS MUST BE DONE IN PERSON!  The shop is open on Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 9pm (June - November) and Monday and Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 9pm (January - May).  The list is compiled through out the year.  In October the kids on the list are invited to a meeting to receive details about the build season.  The build season runs from January to May.  During this time go-karts are built on Mondays and micro-sprints are built on Tuesdays along with other go-kart maintenance.


Kids Kart Club operates a D-shaped oval track, only for use by Kids Kart Club members.  The track is located on the Winnebago County Fair grounds in Oshkosh Wisconsin (west of the Speed Zone race track).
Racing is held every Monday night from May to September.  The season ends with a 75 lap feature race in each division on the first or second Saturday in September.
Racing is limited STRICTLY to vehicles built at the Kids Kart Club shop.  This is in an effort to keep the competition as equal as possible.  Racing is done by divisions which are based on age and driving ability.

Divisions are:

Recreational - This division is for new or existing drivers who want to drive on the track on a NON-COMPETITIVE basis. 
Novice - These are new drivers with no on track experience and generally 9 years old and under.
Intermediate - These drivers have on track experience and are generally 12 years old and under.
Junior - These drivers have experience and have typically moved up from the Intermediate Division and are 14 years old and under.
Pro - These drivers are quite experienced and have typically moved up from the Junior Division and are 17 years old and under.
Micro-Sprint - These are drivers age 13 - 17 and/or have at least 2 years experience in racing go-karts.  
                        Micro-sprint vehicles -ONLY- race in this division.

For more information on Kids Kart Club

Contact the club at:
                                    (920)  720-0085 
or e-mail:

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